Microlab 300

A true semi-automated clinical chemistry analyzer. An instrument that is designed as a clinical chemistry analyzer and not as a standard photometer. That’s what makes the difference! The new Microlab 300 extends the excellent reputation of the Microlab family…Read moreDECEMBER 23,

Coagulation Analyzer

Tcoag’s KC4 Delta is a semi automated coagulation analyser with a four test position providing operators with a compact easy to use system. KC Delta series instruments use micro-mechanical clot detection technology for clotting assays, such as PT, APTT etc. In…Read mor0 COMMENTS

Electrolytes Analyzer

EasyLyte Plus Sodium/Potassium/Chloride Analyzer Medica’s EasyLyte Plus combines Yes/No prompted operation, simple maintenance, and reliability into one economical design. The modular EasySampler connects quickly to the EasyLyte Plus, enhancing laboratory…Read more