Life is unpredictable. In critical moments, we need to know that there is a reliable place to turn to. NewCity Hospital has established itself as that place in Tijuana.

Cutting-edge infrastructure:

With emergency rooms equipped and ready to handle any emergency, NewCity Hospital guarantees a quick and efficient response.

Trained medical team:

Highly trained doctors, nurses and technicians work tirelessly to provide the best possible care in emergency situations.

Agile processes:

Time is of the essence in an emergency. NewCity Hospital has optimized its processes to ensure that patients receive immediate care.

Success stories:

Monserrat M.: “a great hospital to do your procedures. My sister was seen immediately and the staff here is very helpful and friendly. Two guests are welcome after recovery from 8am to 8pm if I’m not mistaken and one guest You can stay throughout your recovery, which means you stay overnight. I would rate this hospital and their hospitality a 5/5.”


In the medical landscape of Tijuana, NewCity Hospital stands out as the undisputed leader in emergency care. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every testimonial from satisfied patients.